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Tutti gli accessori e parti carena Powerbronze: plexiglass, parafanghi anteriori e posteriori, coprisella passeggero, puntali motore, e tanto altro. NOTA BENE: gli acquisti effettuati su questo sito sono gestiti da: HNR S.r.l. - Via Pradazzo, 1/a, 40012 Calderara di Reno (BO) P.IVA e CF: 03187751205 - Reg. Imp. di Bologna REA n. 498963 - Capitale sociale € 30.000 i.v.
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Attacchi vetro regolabili
Codino in carbonio
Completamento carena
Convogliatori radiatore
Cooler Grill (Plastic)
Coperchi Pignone
Coperchi serbatoio
Coperchio avvisatore acustico
Coperchio Cavo Candela in Fibra di Carbonio
Coprisella passeggero
Cornice strumenti in carbonio
Deflettori aria
Fondello silenziatore in carbonio
Griglia radiatore
Hand Guards
Lenti Coprifaro (LEGGERE LE NOTE !!!)
Materiale universale
Miscellaneous Carbon Fibre
Pannello cruscotto - prese aria
Pannello sottosella
Parafango anteriore in carbonio
Parafango posteriore
Paraschizzi (post.)
Piastrine e Tappi
Prolungamenti parafango
Protezione forcellone
Protezione piastra sterzo
Protezioni Forcella
Protezioni Forcellone
Puntale Motore
Tamponi Paratelaio - (senza attacchi)
Tamponi telaio – set completo
Vetri Adventure Sports
Vetri Airflow (Double Bubble)
Vetri Custom
Vetri Flip-Up (con spoiler)
Vetri Naked
Vetri Scooter
Vetri Standard


 1. Why does my plastic product appear scratched/damaged?
A plastic film that can make it look as though they are damaged protects these items.  Please make sure you have removed the protective film before contacting us about this.  This is one of the most common customer service calls we receive!

 2. Do you make a particular product for my bike?
If it is not available on the website then probably not, but if you join our mailing list we can let you know if and when we go into production for the item you want.

 3. Do you offer colour matching?
Regrettably, as there are so many different variations of colour, we do not offer this service as it would add too much cost into the products. 

 4. Can I track my package?
Yes. When your order is shipped by ParcelForce 48 you will be sent tracking information by email. It will show as having come from Cyberstation – if you do not receive this then please check your email service has not accidentally treated this as Junk.

 5. Do you ship to other countries?
Yes - please visit the Shopping Basket and click on the moving globe for more information on delivery costs, or click on the Global Distributors link to see if we have a distributor in your country.

 6. What is your returns policy?
Our returns policy is detailed in full by clicking HERE

 7. Does everything I need to fit an item come with the product?
Where applicable, we supply all of the fixtures and fittings you would need, together with clear user instructions.

 8.  Where can I see the Powerbronze products?
Please see the Exhibitions tab on the home page.  Powerbronze exhibit at many bike shows around the country each year and this will tell you where we are.  Additionally we do have a small showroom at our factory in West Sussex which you may visit by appointment.

 9. What is a "special order"?
If we make something specially for you, then this is a "Special Order".  For example, screens come as standard in light or dark tint.  Anything different to these would be a special order.

10.  If I order more than one item will it cost more to ship?
The post and packing charge is applied on each order irrespective of how many items you purchase, so the more you buy, the more you save.

11. I have bought a second-hand item on Ebay etc, but have no fitting kit
If you have purchased a Powerbronze product second-hand, or perhaps from new but have lost the fittings for this, please contact us and we will see whether we can help by selling you the parts that you need to enable you to fit this to your bike.

12. I've got wider tyres / a different exhaust etc., will your parts fit?
In most cases, no. Our products are developed to fit with the original parts supplied by the manufacturer of the bike. There are one or two extemely rare cases where it is noted that, for example "only for use with Arrow silencers". If in doubt, give us a call first.

13. Can I have my screen without the bike model sticker?
It isn't a sticker, the bike logos are screen printed on. We can make a special order but you would be best off calling us for this. The darker coloured screens are not printed as the print cannot be seen properly through the material.

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